Crew chief international projects

Location: Tildonk, België
Added on: 20/03/2023

You’re in charge of the load in and load out of large scale projects, locally and abroad.
You head a team of stage builders, travelling the world constructing ‘the big ones’: festivals, concerts, sports events and more.
The pace is high, the expectations of clients even higher, but it comes with the satisfaction of a fantastic show.

What you’ll do:
• Practical project preparations (advancing job sites, build drawing checks, build sequence and truck packs, composition of crew).
• Liasing with clients on practical arrangements (machinery, hotels, catering, local crew) and delivery of services; maintaining continuous feedback about progress and changes with project and planning management.
• Project logistics and co-ordination on site, supervising load-in and load-out, debriefing.
• Managing, supervising and supporting your team. You are the first point of contact for any emergency.
• You accompany safety inspection and ensure a safe working environment, creating awareness for safety procedures.
• Final check and delivery of work according to the specifications of the client.

Who you are:
• A razor-sharp technical insight, developed through education and/or experience.
• Reading a plan is effortless and you’re known as a real problem-solver.
• Your track record shows proven leadership skills: a pure-bred team player with a positive mindset, client-friendly and focused on getting the job done.
• A strong and clear communicator, able to steer the team through harsh conditions keeping a cool head all the way.
• 9 to 5 is not your mindset. High-demanding periods away from home are alternated with calmer periods. You far prefer months ‘on the road’ over ‘home sweet home’ every night.
• You’re a chameleon, adjusting with ease to all kinds of cultures, languages and countries. Life on the road can be tough so make no mistake: it’s not always fun and touring is not a holiday!
• Stress resistant. Our crews’ dedication is legendary, and your perseverance is what makes Stageco exceptional. You have the drive to play in the premier league of the event industry.
• You are English speaking. Knowledge of Dutch or French is handy but not essential.
• Available from January/February 2023 onwards.
• Belgium-based or willing to relocate to Belgium for long periods.
• Drivers licence (B / car)
• Clean criminal record, allowing you to travel without boundaries.

How will it work?
It all starts with training.
• First we lay the theoretical foundation: you follow technical meetings, job preparation and team discussions in Tildonk, as well as site-visits and client meetings leading up to a project.
• Then comes practice: you join an existing team from start to finish: eyes and ears open, learning from the best.
• After that, you start swimming by yourself... but always with the support of our whole team.

What do we offer?
At Stageco, you get a chance to be part of a team of like-minded go-getters who are world-leaders and trendsetters in the event industry.
We offer the unique mix of an international working environment and the vibe of an innovative, small-scale business.
Rock’n’Roll with a hands-on attitude is in our DNA and we thrive on an informal environment.
What else? A competitive salary package, attractive working conditions, a fantastic team and, of course, a party every once in a while.

Want to be part of this family?

Reach out to us on:
call us on +32 16 60 84 71

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