Muse - The Resistance Tour 2010

International staging company Stageco engineered a spectacular skyscraper stage, helping Muse and their design team wow fans on the 2010 European Tour. The band appeared to be playing in the basement of an imposing building, with screens for windows and viewed by the audience from one corner. Stageco project director Dirk de Decker and creative designer Es Devlin consulted with Muse production manager Chris Vaughan, and Malcolm Birkett, technical designer for the tour to create the unique stage designs to support the artistic concept of the show. The design incorporates 32m free-span frontage, resulting in an open structure with excellent sight-lines from all angles. To build such a large span safely the two separate sections were supported until the stage was complete for loading with technical production, and the support material was then used to make delay towers. Stageco designed and built the semi-customized stage for the Muse Resistance Tour. The design incorporates a 32 m freespan, to appear as if looking at a big building from the corner. The stage is 60m wide and 34m high at peak.