Roger Waters - The Wall Live '12-'13

Stageco has supported Roger Waters The Wall Live tour from South and North America, on to the European run of shows, until finally coming down for the last time in the Stade de France in september. By which time it had become the highest grossing tour ever by a solo artist, and the third highest grossing tour of all time. Having supplied a specially modified Superroof system across the stateside shows, we worked with promotors and tour production to introduce Stageco's larger, recently launched XXL-Roof. Our challenge was to accomodate the sheer scale of this spectacular visual production in line with the artists and productions aspirations coming into European stadia. The XXL offers excellent sight lines and the desired deeper performance area, courtesy of a 12m cantilever in front of the downstage towers. The projection onto The Wall built across the width of the stadium was a central element of the show, so we had to have an extended roof hang of 25 m in height to raise the PA out of the projection lines. Crew scheduling was meticulously detailed as this was an incredibly tight touring schedule - particularly for this scale of show. Decades of experience were drawn on to achieve a schedule that saw three crews of 14 supported by 9 working drivers and an additional two teams of drivers working shifts to traverse Europe. The XXL-Roof's new hydraulic build technology not only enabled efficient build and dismantling, but also improved the safety for the crews handling the large steel. In accomodating the show at the different sized venues, a range of stages were brought into action. Three of the new XXL systems (with an additional base system to maintain the scheduling) were best suited for the stadia, with one stadium sized Wall support stage for closed roof stadia an an additional three indoor arena systems.