The Rolling Stones - Zip Code tour 2015

Lasting from May 24th until July 15th, The Rolling Stones’ Zip Code tour of North America was another huge box office triumph for the band. Zip Code is a clever name that, as well as referencing the zip on the cover of Sticky Fingers, the Stones’ classic album that was recently re-released, the area zip codes that were local to each venue on the tour were featured on the video screens as part of the pre-show enter­tainment. There wasn’t really much difference from a staging per­spective compared to last year’s 14 On Fire European dates. The SuperRoof was essentially the same as the one used in 2014, but dressed differently and slightly simplified to enable a faster build. Stageco had two 15-trailer systems leapfrogging on the road with two crewchiefs each leading a European crew of 14. They also erected spot and delay towers, as well as the FOH riser.